Customers surely get advantages from our services, especially in the following areas:

  1. Reliability and Stability
    INDOCYBER’s International Exchange (IX) network service is connected by the underwater Fiber Optic cable connection to directly link the Jakarta datacenter with the world’s Tier 1 Providers which is in the Singapore datacenter and international network services from several leading Network Access Providers in Indonesia as the secondary link.
    INDOCYBER’s Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) network service is directly connected to several direct peering providers such as OIXP, APJII, SG-IX (Singapore), HK-IX (Hongkong), Google Global Cache (GGC), Akamai and also several local content providers.
    INDOCYBER network is built with the RING concept where each INDOCYBER network has more than one connection to the main network (backbone) to guarantee the Service Level Agreement (SLA) rate of 99%.
  2. Access speed (Speed)
    The speed of the INDOCYBER’s Internet network has uplink and downlink capacities of up to 10Gbps (equivalent to 10,000 Mbps) both to the International Exchange (IX) network and the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) network. The INDOCYBER Wireless network uses Hybrid technology. The primary link, with a capacity of 100Mbps to 1Gbps, uses the optical cable connection. The link connects the INDOCYBER main network to the Base Transceiver Station (BTS). While the secondary link uses Microwave or Wireless with the capacity equivalent to the primary link.
    Fast installation and quick response in handling complaint has become the main factor to maintain service-quality for customers.
  3. Staff
    INDOCYBER’s staff are very competent and well experienced people in their respective fields and they are constantly empowered with series of training that they are able to always improve service quality for customers. INDOCYBER provides and organise two types of customer services, On-Call Service and On-Site Service, both are 24-hour and 7-day service in a week
  4. One-stop solution
    INDOCYBER is the right solution for all customers’ needs regarding service for Internet networks and data communication. Therefore, customers are able to get focused on running their business. This solution will surely improve cost efficiency and business effectiveness
  5. Flexible and Affordable
    The service quality is flexibly packaged into different types of affordable packs that can be adjusted and customized according to the customers’ needs. INDOCYBER provides Bandwidth On Demand (BOD) services for Events, Seminars, Trainings and other events that require capacity and reliable quality of Internet services on the D-day and by the location of the event.