Are you looking for a Franchise for Internet Service Provider?

Indocyber is ready to assist you to start a business of Internet Service Provider. Be our partner as an Indocyber franchise. Today we serve internet for households, SMEs, and large companies. Our operation is not merely in big cities but also in rural areas.

High Speed Internet is essential for Indonesia’s infrastructure just like roads and bridges. Unfortunately, millions of Indonesians do not have access to get basic connection and they are looking for better internet services.

The internet is a commodity that many take for granted, but some people, for several reasons, are still struggling have daily access to the internet. Empower your community and build your hometown by providing internet for them! Start your own business and be your own boss.

Support your Community and get access to a higher quality internet! Indocyber franchise is an investment for yourself AND your community. With millions of rural residents, Indonesia struggles to find reliable internet providers. At the same time, you help us make a difference in people’s lives by providing access to online classes, healthcare, news and entertainment.

Why Choose Indocyber as a Franchise?
Indocyber builds the network for franchisees using the latest and the most efficient technology. Franchises benefit from a time-tested system and proven procedures to prevent costly mistakes.

With our experience, you can increase your profit and reduce your expenses because ISP is an infrastructure business, Indocyber will make sure your investment is a minimum cost with maximum profit.

Franchisees and employees will receive the most robust training, support and business management systems. Our exclusive system provides access to the latest inventory, billing, network status, and more. You can create and set your own prices, which will increase your profit margin. You get exclusive rights to the district/city.

If you want to make a profit in your area and community by owning an ISP business, THEN Indocyber is looking for you.

Please immediately email or call 021 6615201.