Dedicated Internet access by using Wireless LAN technology to support high Availability levels with symmetric Bandwidth characters.

Service Advantages

  • Unlimited Internet Access
    Internet connection service without quota limit that can be accessed 24 hours a day for 7 days a week by customers.
  • Symmetrical Bandwidth
    Symmetrical bandwidth with equally large capacity at the time of upload and download activities to provide optimal internet connection performance in the process of sending and receiving data.
  • Google Cache
    Access to faster and more optimal google and youtube content
  • High Reliability
    99% service guarantee for maximum downtime for 7 hours and 20 minutes within a period of one month.
  • Fast Installation
    The service can be activated immediately within a maximum period of 3 days after the location survey of the customer concerned.
  • Quick Recovery
    The network repair process is a maximum of 12 hours in case of downtime because it only replaces wireless radio devices.

Additional features and facilities

  • Minimum SLG (Service Level Guarantee) guarantee of 99%/maximum 7.2 hours of total downtime per month
  • Free one email account ( with a maximum capacity of 100 Mb
  • Bandwidth Management Configuration, Simple Firewall, Port Forwarding for LAN Networks
  • Online bandwidth usage monitoring report on