Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is centralized and secure data communication service through the internet to create a large local network, which makes it suitable for multisite companies (with many branches). This service can be applied and operated for the using of VoIP, Video Conference and data sharing to CCTV streaming. The range of VPN services can cover all areas of Indonesia and even internationally.

VPN Service Plan

  • Access Speed (call)
  • Cost Per Month (call)
  • Installation Fee (call

Service Advantage

  • Multiservices Offering
  • Our services can accommodate data transfer, voice and video as this would supports business applications, such as: ERP, CRM, Citrix, and others with a variety of last mile leased line and wireless network access.
    Our services are flexible, which can be tailored to your need. Configuration can be set easily and quickly, and it does not require point-by-point configuration, where POP (point of presence) is available nationwide.
  • Manageability
    End-to-end settings. The using of single NMS (Network Monitoring System) will reduce complexity, and this result in the embedded application system will be easy to use and can report in real-time.
    This service reduces the effect of distance sensitivity on price, device implementation and outsourcing maintenance personnel to Indocyber.
  • VPN technology provides tunneling protocols (IPSec and L2TP) to combine several different security technologies into a complete system to process authentication, confidentiality, integrity protocol, encryption, and digital certificates.
  • MIMO technology provides wider hotspot service coverage.